LiveView's Automatic Form Recovery ⚡️


I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’m filling out a long form and for some reason it disconnects, reconnects and I lose all of my form data. 😱

Thankfully LiveView ships with automatic form recovery through phx-change attributes.

Say we have a form with something like phx-change=“validate”. When LiveView reconnects, it will automatically send a phx-change event with the latest data.

You can try that in your browser. Type in a form field (say, “ABC”). Then disconnect and reconnect your server.

If you don’t have a phx-change attached to the form, your form will clear as the page re-renders. But if you have a phx-change, you’ll see the form keep the data (assuming your phx-change is setting the form’s assigns).

You can also confirm that by looking at your server logs. You should see that after the reconnect, we have a handle_event ”validate” call that comes in.

But what happens if you want to do special recovery? Maybe you need something different than just your normal validation (or whatever your phx-change event was doing)?

Well, Phoenix ships with a really cool binding phx-auto-recover! 🥳

Add it to your form and pass it a new event.

<.form for={@form} phx-change="validate" phx-auto-recover="recover" ...>

Now, the "recover" event will be sent instead of the ”validate” event! (Of course, don’t forget to handle the new event appropriately.)

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