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    "Your short videos are goldmine for Elixir and Phoenix. Thank you."

    — nesocode

    "Wow.. Never thought of a 1 min video to be so efficiently useful! Thanks for the tips!"

    — akaibukai

    "These small videos showcasing small bits of Phoenix and LiveView are the best! Keep 'em coming!"

    — Kryptonis

    "Great work, thank you. Your short videos are irresistible to watch."

    — pauloffborba

    "I love these short tips, thanks :)"

    — thehibbi

    "Good stuff! Your content is top notch."

    — EugenKandakov

    "Amen, this is awesome! Please keep sharing small but incredibly interesting and useful Elixir knowledge!"

    — mythrando

    "I’ve learning a lot watching these videos. Great work. Thanks."

    — dhonymadruga

    "Nice video. Love how concise and clear it is!"

    — mythrando

    "That's very helpful. Thank you. Please continue with your great videos about Elixir and Phoenix"

    — pertsevds

    "Every tip is something I have not encountered so far. Amazing!!!"

    — srikanthkyatham506

    "Thanks for awesome bit sized contents. Love it. Great work!"

    — srikanthkyatham506

    "These videos are great! The shortness makes it really easy to just get the info without any extra fluff."

    — flipperiflop

    "These bite-sized snippets are really accessible. Thanks for making them"

    — m1ambie

    "Love your videos and shorts on Elixir & LiveView"

    — io2_

    "Your videos are amazing! I really had a hard time getting how this worked, but your video perfectly explained this. I've tried and reference the beats project for some navigation, but couldn't figure out how they handled the hooks, now it make sense!"

    — victorkarlsson5183