Elixir 1.15 deprecates Logger.warn/2 in favor of Logger.warning/2

Elixir 1.15 is deprecating Logger.warn/2 in favor of Logger.warning/2.

It does so since Elixir now relies on Erlang’s :logger, and Erlang uses the term warning instead of warn.

Other terms such as info and error already matched, but warn didn’t. A small change, but I’m glad the log levels now match those of Erlang.

Here is the full-list of log levels:

The supported levels, ordered by importance, are:

:emergency - when system is unusable, panics
:alert - for alerts, actions that must be taken immediately, ex.
corrupted database
:critical - for critical conditions
:error - for errors
:warning - for warnings
:notice - for normal, but significant, messages
:info - for information of any kind
:debug - for debug-related messages

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